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Thursday, December 15, 2005

2:26 et qui vicerit et qui custodierit usque in finem opera mea dabo illi potestatem super gentes
2:27 et reget illas in virga ferrea tamquam vas figuli confringentur
Apocalypsis Iohannis

Opus Hodiernus: Government

The government in the United States, and especially in the state of California, has been overrun by atheistic, brazen, callous, degenerate, erudite, feminist, grotesque, humanistic, idolotrous, jihadisitic, kowtowing, leninistic, marxistic, nihilistic, orgiasitc, progressive, quisling, radical, stalinistic, traitorous, universilitic, veganist, wicked, xenophilic, yellow and zionistic secularists. We cannot allow this to continue. We must, as the Bible teaches us, rule with an iron rod. Those who dissent must be punished severely. A war on Christmas rages in the streets of America! Souls are being lost to athesits, jews and islamics! How much farther can the fair state of California fall before it realizes that secularism is not the way to go? We need a strong America based on a firm Christian foundation, otherwise, we are lost. I would like to ask each of you to go out today and find at least one person. I want you to share my goal with that individual and ask him to share it with one more person. Slowly we will build and then, when the time is right, crash down on the secularists who rule our country like a righteous tidal wave of divine justice.

Peace be unto you.


Anonymous cj said...

Are you really Mel Gibson? I question this because Mel tries to follow Jesus' example in all things. Jesus didn't get involved in politics which is why the religious refused to see Him as their Redeemer - He didn't get Rome off their backs.
So, who are you ?

4:08 PM  

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