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"With anti-Christian sentiment on the rise in North America and abroad, the launch of this new bog [sic] couldn’t have been timelier...If you’re a discouraged Christian worried about the future, a visit to is like an elixir and sends you on your way with newfound hope."
Judi McLeod, Owner, Canada Free Press

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Left-wing rag

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Oh , Gaius Iesus , Is in plurimus Altus. Ego queso Tuum fortuno meus humilis philangi ut Ego mayum typus Vestri glorificus nuntius. Mayum penitusnetsii addo Palma ut Vestri nomen. In Suus nomen Ego precor. Amen.

Opus Hodiernus: Tutis Sarcalogos vulgus

The day of His birth is approaching. What will you be doing? I will invite some of the visitors to this site to a private Mass to celebrate His coming. Only a select few will join me. Act now! No media, no cameras, no heathens. We will welcome our Savior's birth, drink his blood, eat his flesh and pray in the true Christian way.

pacis exsisto unto vos


Anonymous Pontius P. said...

Mel , EGO sum laetus per vestri invitatus. Iustus narro ut quod qua , quod EGO ero illic vobis ut particeps in viscus quod cruor. Quod unus magis res Mel , EGO sum non judeum, per via.


9:15 AM  
Anonymous Mike D. aka Ghost said...

Mel, wow, where to start... I've known you to be open with your faith, I respect that, so much so that I'm somewhat speechless when reading some of what you've posted. I feel that way only becuase of the type of home I come from, my Dad was against organized religion. I however am not. I'm not a super fan of most organized religions, however, I am teaching my children (4 girls), that they may choose whichever religion they are most comfortable with as I beleive religion is also an extention of how you carry yourself in life.

Years ago my wife and I took them to several churches early on in their lives, we all settled on Christianity (Southern Baptist as I was stationed in New Orleans during my tour of duty with the Navy). Needless to say, we enjoyed our time in that church and after coming back to our homestate of Oregon, found it was much harder to choose a good establishment to go week after week, so unfortunately, we ended our relationship with the establishment, but not with God.

We often times discuss God in our house. Our children will ask us questions and my wife and I will do our level best to provide the answers. As of late, our oldest (12 yr. old), choose to attend a few more churches to seek out her role in religion and further her relationship with God. I congradulate her! However, she still has yet to settle on any one religion for herself.

When the Passion came out, I immediately took my family to it. We were shocked, but that's the reality of it, right? I mean, I remember, for the most part, what's in the Bible in reguards to what you presented in your movie, and it's fairly accurate. It was a shocking movie, but something I feel was needed for the majority of the populace of the world to see. Excellent job! And thank you Mel, for making that movie. Lets face it, most people are more apt to go "see" a movie instead of reading about it.

I wanted to share this with you becuase of your deep seeded faith, I feel that you might be able to offer some advice for me and my family?

On another note, I invite you to join my friends and family on my website. We're a community of gamers, people who play role playing games and video games, then chat about them, but the portion of our forums that you might really enjoy would be the "Reality Hacking" section.

In this section we often times discuss Religious, Political and current events, along with Philosphy and other intellectual interests.

Someone of your level of faith would be an excellent addition to our memberbase and could provide tons of information as well as an excellent counter to many topics.

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, ghost -- people who think Christians are stupid can point to you as an example.

11:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WEll Mel,

I finally see the Light.

Since 1987, I think you understand.

Some day you will fore sure.

Regards from "Old Friend" Ape

7:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could never be a Christian. Christian's frown upon ass fuckin and I really like ass fuckin young hotties.

1:10 AM  

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