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Saturday, January 07, 2006

GLORIA PATRI, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto. Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper, et in saecula saeculorum. Amen.

Opus hodiernus: Orbus tepidus

God punishes the Japanese for creating the Kyoto Accord

God has spoken up against "global warming". How can there be "global warming" if countries are getting 13 feet of snow? Japan chose to disobey God's laws and trust in secular "science." The Kyoto Accord, like its cousin the Honda, was created in Japan. Like Sodom was punished, so too Japan. Look what happens when you trust the laws of "science" and disobey the laws of the LORD:

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan was bracing for more snow on Friday after some of the heaviest snowfall on record that has left 57 people dead and paralysed transport.

Almost 4 metres (13 ft) of snow has piled up in the worst-hit areas of Niigata near the Japan Sea coast, though the snowiest season of the year is yet to come.

Fortunately, the Kyoto Accord was not signed by our faithful president; although he is not a true Christian, he adheres to a watered down version of the Truth. He will surely be punished in hell by God, but due to his partial faith, God is protecting this great christian nation from natural disasters. But if the judeo-secularists win, then we will have to look forward to this sort of natural disaster in America. God will punish those who disobey his laws!


Blogger Seeker said...

I haven't been a fan of Japan since we gave back Iwo Jima.

RE: our fearless leader. A significant number of sixes relate to his personal history. Mom and Dad married on January SIX, the kid himself born on day SIX of 194SIX.

Hmmm. 666. Any chance Georgie is the anti-Christ?

9:51 PM  
Blogger okielady said...

When I read the articles that you put on this blog and your response to them, I am thankful that there are so many who
want to uphold Values, Moral and
Righteous. I know that we will differ on a few of them but for the most part we agree. I personally am thankful for our president at present He's not perfect but at least he stands for better values and believes in our unborn childrens right to live.As to his destiny after his death I am glad that , that is in God's hands to judge and not mine.(smile) Is it proper for me to ask somewhat personal questions? such as ...
DO your children attend public
schools, catholic , or homeschooled? Mine were homeschooled but now attend Public
school. a very small school and altho it is not as progressive in
the modern days philosophies . it
concerns me the direction we are going...Its as if we are sending
our kids to school 8 hours a day to learn everything opposite of what I have taught them at home.
I am thinking of returning to homeschool. we pray for God's guidance on this....
Okie Lady

11:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are crazy -
what the hell do you call katrina?
a walk in the rain?

7:17 PM  
Anonymous daniel said...

I laughed til I cried. I'm a Swede and I can assure you, most Swedes weren't involved in the making of those jeans. Should I stop buying american stuff just because some americans are satanistic (yeah, you've got them too!)? No! Why? Because both Sweden and the US are countries which values freedom of speech and religion.

And muslim rapists? If Sweden allows muslims to rape women, then you could just as well say that USA allowed Usama Bin Ladins men to commit those acts of terror on 10/11.

12:17 AM  
Blogger tomax7 said...

Hmmm, Katrina, the other one hurrican, coal miners, tornadoes.

God isn't warning/judging America?

Then if the mid-west is the "Bible Belt" why do they have so many hurricanes and floods? How come their sports teams are useless ;-)

Because God doesn't over ride His law of nature unless there is a purpose. To say Japan is being judged, might as well say Utah was judged because of Mormons and the Great Salt Lake. Hmm last place I read about salt and judgement was Sodom&Gomorrah and someone's wife.

So don't read into things please like the Japanese snow, it decreases one's value in reality and does the "cry wolf" scenerio when God does really strike.


8:47 AM  

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