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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Dia in vitam...

Ego lego novus hodie oh , puer
Super a felicis vir quisnam no grade
Quod sententia novus eram quinymo tristis Puteus ,
Ego iustus derideo
Ego lego "photograph"
Is blew suus mens sicco in gestum
Is no animadverto ut lux lucis
A turba of populus scamnum quod astrum
They'd seen suus visio pro
Nemo eram vere certus si
is eram ex Domus Dominatio

Ego lego a membrana hodie oh , puer
exercitus inglesus iustus bellum
A turba populus verto absentis
Tamen EGO iustus aspicio
lego libri I'd diligo verto vos in...

Opus Hodiernus---Gubernationus

When I started this blog, I said that I wanted to have a serious dialogue with everyday, normal citizens about the damage being wrought by the rampant socialist judeo-secularism in California. Through this dialogue, I had hoped to find some ideas for halting and reversing the spread of this vile socialist judeo-secularism. The response has exceeded my wildest expectations by far.

Incredibly, an organization, comprised of ordinary grassroots citizens concerned about our great state's future has formed and set up a website asking me to run for governor. Really! This refreshing grassroots genesis can be seen at

This grassroots movement has been quite widespread, by the way, in its reach. On various conservative blogs that I frequent, I have seen many links to, and perhaps the enthusiastic response this patriotic group of grassroots activists has engendered is a testament to the backlash against the socialist judeo-secularism which has taken California hostage.

But one comment posting on one rightwing blog, GayPatriot (in itself an oxymoron, right?) caught my eye in particular, and I wanted to correct a misinterpretation made by the author of that posting, and take exception to one other posting by a different author as well.

The first posting started off simply enough. A grassroots patriot endeavored to spread the good word about The original discussion topic was about the truly breakneck pace of Democracy's spread around the world under the Bush administration (Great topic!).

This astute comment was made by a grassroots activist:

Patriot, Democracy starts, of course, at home. Let’s get a REAL Republican governor in California. Let’s Draft Mel Gibson!

But then the conversation took a strange turn

[...]Uhm, what is it about you folks out there and hollywood celebs? Why Gibson? If I had lived there during the recall, I would have voted for McClintock — who would easily have taken the election, in the red states. Course, I didn’t live there, and never will, since Californistan is at the very top of my “no way would I ever live in that socialist pit” list.

Now of course, I have not decided to run for governor, what I am doing is having a dialogue. But I do think that this poster makes a fundamental mistake. They appear to think that since I am an actor from "Californistan (good one!)," I am a socialist liberal. That is quite far from the truth. I am fighting for quite the opposite: a revolution to restore true Christian values in California.

It doesn't end there. Another commenter made a misguided conclusion about me as well.

Which makes me wonder when California’s “Katrina” that exposes the massive failures of Socialist liberalism will occurr.

Not that I would wish that on anybody, but folks need to see the failures for what they are. If it can happen without a major disaster, then so much the better.

Comment by ThatGayConservative — December 22, 2005 @ 1:10 am - December 22, 2005

Now let me be clear here. Unlike many in our liberal media, I certainly do not think that extent of damage from Hurricane Katrina had anything to do with a lack of preparation or resources on the part of FEMA and the Bush administration. To the contrary, it was, quite as the commenter points out, nothing more than the massive failure of socialist liberalism that was on display. I mean, were it not for socialist liberalism, things would not have been nearly as bad; that much is obvious.

I also heartily agree with the author that a horrific disaster which will lay bare the failures of socialist liberalism is not far away for California.

But the commenter appears to be making this comment in connection with the last one, implying that some grassroots Californians' desire to get me to run for governor is somehow a manifestation of this liberalism.

Anyone who knows me, however, knows that this suggestion is ridiculous. I am no socialist liberal; I want to save California from socialist judeo-secularism. During the course of the wonderful dialogue I am having with all of you on this blog, I will decide how to best do that.

In the meantime, however, I ask all of you God-fearing fans to pay thatgayconservative a visit at his own blog and let him know that he has seriously misrepresented me and my beliefs. Let's put an end to these falsehoods.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the movie "Lethal Weapon" you were able to pop your shoulder out of it's socket at will. Did God give you the power to do this? If so, how did you approach him for this favor? My sister can bend her thumb back to her wrist. Mom says that god makes her do it. Mom says god can do anything.

2:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Date of Herod's death & Christ's Birth

Some chronologers hold that King Herod died in the year 5 or 4 BC. Their chronology is based to a large extent on Josephus’ history. In dating the time that Herod was appointed king by Rome, Josephus uses a "consular dating" whereby Josephus locates the event as occurring during the rule of certain Roman consuls (Onischuk note-Consular Dating was highly variable and therefore inaccurate - see Julian Calendar and Anno Domini). According to this, Herod's appointment as king would be in 40 BC, but the data of another published Roman historian, [[Appianos] - book "Appianos Romaika" (Appian's Roman History) published 2nd Century AD], would place the event in 39 BC. By the same method Josephus places Herod's capture of Jerusalem in 37 BC, but he also says that this occurred 27 years after the capture of the city by Pompey (which was in 63 BC). (Jewish Antiquities, XIV, 487, 488 [xvi, 4]) Josephus's reference to that latter event would make the date of Herod's taking the city of Jerusalem [[36 BC] -- Appianos [35BC]]. Now, Josephus says that Herod died 37 years from the time that he was appointed king by the Romans, and 34 years after he took Jerusalem. (Jewish Antiquities, XVII, 190, 191 [viii, 1]) This might indicate that the date of his death was 2 BC or perhaps 1 BC using Josephus's consular dating, whereas Appianos would place the date at 1 BC or Zero BC.

According to Josephus, Herod died not long after an eclipse of the moon and before a Passover. (Jewish Antiquities, XVII, 167 [vi, 4]; 213 [ix, 3]) Since there was a PARTIAL eclipse on March 11, 4 BC. (March 13, Julian), some have concluded that this was the eclipse referred to by Josephus.

However, there was a total eclipse of the moon January 9-10, Zero BC, about three months before Passover, which would give a logical sequence of events [Onischuk]. When we consider the Annunciation of Christ (see Anno Domini) occured March 25th, just after Christ's Birth, it is possible that Christ was born in late February-early March, during Pisces zodiacal period, followed by Passover. Two of the earliest symbols of Christianity were the symbol of the Ark, and zodiacal symbol of Pisces the Fish.

Another line of calculation centres around the age of Herod at the time of his death. Josephus says that he was about 70 years old. He says that at the time Herod received his appointment as governor of Galilee (which is generally dated 47 BC), he was 15 years old; but this has been understood by scholars to be an error, 25 years evidently being intended. (Jewish Antiquities, XVII, 148 [vi, 1]; XIV, 158 [ix, 2]) Accordingly, Herod's death occurred in 2 BC or 1 BC whereas Appianos would place it at 1 BC or Zero BC Christian Era.

[Onischuk] also notes other possible sequences of events. Another total eclipse of the moon occurred July 17, 1 BC, which could have marked King Herod's death. Before this, from February 1 BC to May 1 BC there was 3 months of a "Guiding Star" due to a near-conjunction of Jupiter-Regulus that was highly visible in the night sky []. This was followed by Jupiter & Venus conjunction in June 17-18 of 1 BC, which may have been interpreted by astonomer-priests as the sign of the birth of Christ when the blazing "star" of the pagan Gods Jupiter (King of pagan Gods) & Venus(Godess of Fertility) were merged in the heavens, home of pagan Gods. The annunciation could then have been delayed until March of Zero BC, on or near the spring solstice, an important time when all royalty, especially Kings, were announced for birth, so as to rightfully inherit the spirits of their ancestors and kingly predecessors during the springtime spiritual resurrection of all life [Knight&Lomas-The Hiram Key,1999]. Alternatively, it is also possible that due to the variable length of years of the Roman Consular calendar, that the perception of Josephus [not necessarily an astonomer] was that Passover was about to occur - this theory is supported by the unseasonal weather reported in the Bible, where fruits are found growing out of season - probably based on the same time shifted perceptions given by variable length years of Consular Calendars.

Herod's date of death also indicates the latest time at which the birth of Jesus of Nazareth could have occurred. Herod's death is now established to have occurred at the latest in 0 BC [Appianos/Onischuk], and because Jesus was born AFTER Herod died, the traditional day of Jesus' birth is questionable, but the year zero to mark the beginning of the Christian Era correlates exactly with the original Julian Calendar, observations of Josephus, Roman Consular calendar year correction by Appianos, and Daniel Onischuk theories supported by verifiable astronomical data.

1:38 PM  
Blogger Mel said...

Come on, anonymous. Everything that you say is a bunch of discredited garbage that came with Vatican II. Yes, that is right, the same Vatican II that is responsible for pedophilia in the "official" church. You can bring this kind of crap here, but I am going to call you out on your false accusations. We are followers of the TRUE Catholic Church here, buddy. If you want to join us, you are welcome.

5:38 PM  
Blogger Krishh Raem said...

hello Mel,
This is Krishh From INDIA,I have been your fan for years.
Have you ever visited India , if not when are you gonna come down here .You got a Big fan base here.
please come down to see us.

9:32 PM  
Blogger the actual rod said...

Mr. Gibson...While I must say that Maverick was a hell of a movie, I am somewhat troubled by the lack of mental clarity displayed by some of your writings. I know you don't mean it, for your directorial works indicate an active and engaged mind, so here are a few humble questions to which I am sure you can respond:

1) Just from a historical standpoint, can you really draw a causal link between Vatican II and homosexuality/pederasty among Catholic clergy? You speak of it as though the link is obvious, but some evidence would be beneficial to your case. In searching for such evidence, with all due respect you may find that it is difficult to substantiate claims of causation made along those lines.

2) Are you aware that most of the world views the terms 'Socialist' and 'Liberal' as opposing, even diametrically so? Especially in terms of economics, there is significant difference between liberalism and socialism. In grouping them together you seem to betray a tendency to rhetorically generalize those to whom you are ideologically opposed. This is slightly fascistic, and would undercut your future arguments.

3) In claiming agreement with the moniker 'Califonistan' you also seem to make the common mistake of equating liberal political leanings to ultraorthodox Islamic terrorist states, which couldn't be further from the truth (though I'm not saying I'm a 'liberal', as I don't like to label myself--it's just an issue of fairness and accuracy, which any God-fearing state should expect from its leader). First of all, this is racist towards Islamic states and Muslim peoples, equating a whole slew of countries (and their populations) and a simple term meaning 'land of' with an illegitimate extremist/terrorist regime (the Taliban in Afghanistan, who were invited to visit Texas while George W. Bush was Governor of that state) that made one of those countries a living hell for its citizens. This is a bit egregious. In addition, do you not see any connection between the Taliban's tendency to legislate and enforce a strict (and many would say regressive) morality on all people within its reach and the conservative Christian desire to prohibit abortions, homosexuality, and other vice?

11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mel - This is Onischuk who did the research on Christ's Birth. Try using astronomical software which was verified by NASA. You are missing the points that this made sense to people 2000 years ago who worshipped their Greek gods who lived in the heavens. I think religions do some good things for people, and am merely educating you to facts that have gotten lost or hidden over time.

6:09 PM  

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