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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Dictus Diem




Blogger Jeffrey Buford said...

Hello Mel, I just wanted to say how great your work is as a director and an actor, truly your work is amazing; I'm certain that you already know this however something strange strikes me now. Why do you write in Latin; a dead langauge which I can not understand myself? Perhaps you are into the world of christianity, a strange world, but I suppose that everything that is not of the church which governs it's people with an iron fist are people of the devil. I think it's strange, but anyhow I am only 18 years old and there is more time for me to know somethings about the world. Your latest film looks very interesting to me, why did you decide to tackle such a project? I know, it look like another peice of work from a talented artist. Thanks Mel for your time, by the way my mother loves you but she is afraid to write to you because she thinks that your crazy. I don't think your crazy, perhaps you have too much money!!

Jeff Buford

7:56 AM  

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