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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Est is nuntius nos volo transmitto ut nostrum liberi?

What about the fucking children? It's really all about them. Is this the message we want to send the children? Time was when I was growing up--when I was growing up, those were interesting times--I remember religion was a good thing. My dad, Hutton, always used to tell me about what a great man Jesus was, and how a certain group of people in our society didn't like Jesus, and how that group of people was always going around starting wars and arbitrarily pulling people over on the Pacific Coast Highway. Kids were taught to believe in Jesus, the true Pre-Vatican II Jesus, and to speak Latin, and we didn't have all this rampant immorality that we have with the youth today (at least until Vatican II got underway).

But now apparently when a man is doing nothing more than practicing his faith, serving as a veritable (and much needed) role-model for today's youth, he is arrested, and prosecuted.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tantae molis erat Romanan condere gentam!

9:02 AM  

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