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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


ie Cinerum Cærimoniæ

Post Matutinas signo dato per campanam, ut populus conveniat, et decantata Letania, Parrochus populam alloquatur:

Fratres, in primitiva Ecclesia fuit utilis disciplina, ut initio Quadragesimæ rei manifestam criminum ejicerentur ex Ecclesia, ut agerent publicam pœnitentiam, et ut alii eorum exemplo admoniti sibi caverent. Hujus publicæ pœnitentiæ vice, interim dum hæc restitui possit, quod optare debemus, visum est hoc tempore conducibile ad pietatem, ut præsentibus vobis legantur comminationes et execrationes ex 27. Capite Deuteron. et aliis locis Scripturæ, ut ad quamlibet sententiam respondeatis, Amen.
Hoc fine, et propter hanc causam, ut vos admoniti de gravissima ira Dei contra peccatum, excitemini ad veram pœnitentiam, et ut in hoc corruptissimo seculo circumspectius vivatis, ac vitetis peccata, propter quæ vos, ut ipsi fatemini divinitus estis excommunicati.
Maledictus vir, qui fecerit sculptile, aut conflatile, quæ sunt Domino abominanda, et posuerit in loco aliquo, quo colantur opera manuum suarum.

Opus Hodiernius: Artus Poetica

I just felt inspired, and I wrote this poem. I hope you enjoy it.

Judeo-secularism is the bane,
People are working they work day and night.
Will we be like far left liberal Spain,
With gay marriages, ignoring what’s right?
The end is nigh, with choices to be made:
We will do what we will, do what we might.
Whatever we do, we must stop the gays,
Before they corrupt your kids, or your wife.

The judeo-secularist lurks well,
He lurketh and lurketh upon the streets.
A house, a hovel, we just cannot tell,
Does he lurk in your garage, lurk in your sheets?
But lurketh he doth, he lurketh and smells
Your unwashed laundry, your junior high cleats
Ask not for whom the lurker lurketh, but
know ye well, the lurker lurketh for thee.


Anonymous nra4life said...

Beautiful iambic pentameter! Keep preaching the good news Mel! Bring America back to her true self!

6:28 PM  
Blogger Frank Dux said...

This might be the most beautiful poem I've ever read. So much truth in it too. You are a big writer Mel.

6:58 PM  
Anonymous Cheney08 said...

Oh, do I love iambic-pentameter Mel. It is the building block of about two-thirds of medieval and Renaissance English poetic forms, you know.

What a beautiful way to let people know about the TRUTH.

7:57 PM  
Blogger okielady said...

You mentioned in your poem about the end being close. What is your
view point on Christ and his return to earth? Does your church believe in the rapture,or the 1000
year reign? ALso when you say Judeo-
******...who are you talking about in plain english. I dont mean to be stupid but how can I know if I dont ask. It would be great to be able to speak Latin, I've always
felt that knowing more than one language would be such a blessing.
When I was younger and had more time for just me I probably couldve learned something other than english but being young doesnt always lend to being the time...NOw that I am a mother and wife, with three children and a large bunch of kinfolk to love and cherish, well time is not on my side to do so... altho just the few words you have posted is nice to know... But to be fair...To say that I or anyone
cannot know our Savior,Jesus Christ and the Heavenly Father,our creator...unless we know Latin...
It leaves so many of us out....
I believe in Gods grace and mercy
to cover me in those things I might not be able to accomplish...
Not that I should use that to be lazy ,,no way...Knowledge is powerful and should always be tempered in Love and discipline..
and grace....God Bless....
Okie Lady

11:38 PM  
Anonymous Bob Woodward said...

This is, by far, the most insightful blog of the last twenty years.

8:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very hateful post, Mel. Grazie for spreading your message of intolerance across the globe, and showing what hypocrites people like you can be.

"Oh, I'm Christian, I just hate X, Y, Z..." Spare us, please.

I'd leave you with my name, but I have no intent to ever come back here - I've seen your hate, and can't "un-see" it.

8:47 AM  
Blogger Mel said...

Well, anonymous, you may not have left us with your name, but you did leave us with little doubt that you have absolutely no comprehension of Latin (in contrast to those who regularly visit this blog). Grazie is Italian, not Latin.

Nra, sexy, Cheney, very flattered.

Okie, allow me to come to your points in a bit! As usual, they are excellent.

And Bob, suffice it to say, your ground-breaking reporting is the ONLY source I go to to find out the latest in the Plame scandal. Way to go, Bob! I am so touched that you have enjoyed this blog!

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Udo- judeo-secularist said...

Well, I will never say that I have a very good comprehension of poetic statements. But let me se if I'm correct. Is this stating that people like are seeking to come out of the "darkness" and "get you" all boogieman style? Cuz I have a lot of better things to do. Like fight nazi's.

9:22 AM  
Anonymous nra4life said...

Udo: again with the Nazis? What is your deal? Why is everything about Nazis all the time with you? Darkness=evil. It is very simple.

10:34 AM  

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