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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Democratus finitum es. Islamofascist thesaurus mos lucror per Lamont.

Illic est a vir quisnam volo perdo in MESOPOTAMIUM. Ned Lamont est periculosus pro Democratus est mos succurro concutio sit amo 1968 per "HIPPIES" quondam iterum. Democratus es defeatists tantum Joe Lieberman succurro Democrats lucror tamencertus ut Joe Lieberman eram non RABIDUS satis. Iam nos mos desumo in quod Democratus ire perdo iustus amo usquequaque operor quod Res publica ire ut lucror quoniam OSAMA bin LADEN est a valde nocens vir!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last thing our country can afford in times like these is people like Lamont. Is that what you were saying? I agree!

11:51 AM  

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