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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My new favorite song


Anonymous Doug Hoffman said...

Hey, Mel, we're talking trash about you over at my place. Thought I should give you a chance to respond!

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Gigi Saint Joseph's love said...

Mel ,

I appreciate what you are doing for the true church!I also am catholic and believe that it will rebound like Our Lord has said it would.But I fail to understand how you can make a beautiful movie of our Lord and talk to a living Saint Sister Lucia and speak out for the church when you take the Lords name in vain in your movies and you speak harshly against the jews who are Jesus's own people.Jesus loved his people regardless of what they did to him .His teachings all through history tell us we are to love all people.You speak out against the pope our Holy Father yet do you know you are to be in holy obedience of him do you reliaze that all the saints were in obedience of the popes all through history?You have to have obedience or you are then against God.Was Jesus not about obedience when his father told him he had to die for our sins?Yes he was and we are suppose to model our lives after Jesus's.Our many of us doing that today?I know I myself fail in many ways to obtain his grace for my sins ! I try to understand how you can believe that the jews are hurting you in anyway.You made a movie on the passion and understood then what our lord suffered.Do you not feel now you are failing him when you condemn any race any religion any one person? Do you not understand that you are adding wounds to his body as you proceed on your way to destruction of yourself and others when you do these things and speak out against people you are destroying the catholic faith and causing many to hate the religion.You are suppose to be harvesting soul and going to the ends of the earth to help them become catholics.Do you realize that you will answer for these things in front of God?You are a man with a position that can help people to love the religion ,help them to understand our religion and bring many souls to God you, obtain a high position that is reconized by God for you to do great work for the catholic faith.Bring him souls Mel don't turn them to hate as the punish for that from our lord in your judgement day can be severe.Where it comes to the Pope he is doing wonderful things trying to turn the church back around.But you can't do this in a day .Remember Roam wasn't built in a day either.Ity took many years for the destruction of the catholic church and it will take many years for her to be put back,but it has been promised from God who we know does not lie that he will save her.What you need to be doing now is taking sometime for inner peace and sit quietly with him and ask God for the forgiveness.So many of these far left wing and far right wing churches have sprung up so many of them teaching this and that.They are saying God is here they are say God is there but wait We are suppose to not go not search ,why because he will come to us he will be exactly wher we expected him to be in church ,he will reform the church,he will take care of the people who did not believe ,he will deal out their punishment,for venegeance is mine saith the Lord.We were put here to gather souls for him ,to turn our cheeks no matter what.

I use to be like you Mel in some ways really paranoid ,because my husband's family was always running here and there trying to find the true faith and it got so confusing I left him for along time.Now I have returned home but with a different light that salvaged me from all of it and I began to pray so hard,making sacrifices and doing my penance that My eyes and heart were opened up by God I believe and I understood what it is I am to do.I continue to try everyday to overlook what it is I can't change ,that has to come from God for if the things that are happening today were not sent by God then the world would never end and he would be a liar!But it all has to go according to his will not ours as he was our creator.We have to forgive what has been done to us even through we don't want to ,we have to love our neighbor as ourself (something I had a problem with for many years},we have to follow our Lords foot steps and help others that have no knowledge of what it is like to be with the most universal religion in the worldd to understand.People have said for many years the Vacation Sea is vacant but it is not man who puts the Holy Father in there it is God!For we each have a path that has been marked out by Our Lord before we were born and we will have to follow that path unless we choose to change it ,and then that could be for Good or evil but it would be your chose.Their were many people who were born great leaders and yet they were the most destructive ,look at Hilter,but God created him just as he did us.All these things have to fall into place ,for if they didn't there would never be a paradise for us to enter,there would not be a God and there surly would't be no us.So it's God's plan we have to follow he wrote the story he knows the ending and we are just the actors and actresses of the world following his script.I would love to talk to you more onthis and will be back.One thing I do want you to know if you are getting drunk on the wine and using God as your crutch it is wrong .Just admit it to yourself that you have a problem and go from there ,it was a hard lesson for me to do that but I did.And today I am better for it

10:18 AM  
Blogger Helen Wheels said...

Gigi's got a big mouth!

It was funny to see the ignant hicks singing along to the festival of bigotry!

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Gigi's Saint Joseph's Love said...

Why thank you Helen I think that is the nice of you to call me a big mouth.Gosh my husband always calls me loose jaw so big mouth is quite refreshing LMAO.Have a wonderful day Helen!!!!!!!Oh and if I made any mistakes it is not that I am a backwards ingornant person it is because I didn't have take the time to preview.

7:26 AM  

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