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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ummm, ABC, we're still on, right?

For the holocaust miniseries? Why aren't you returning my calls?

LOS ANGELES Mel Gibson stirred passions with his blockbuster "Passion of the Christ" and might well again with his latest project — a nonfiction television movie set against the backdrop of the Holocaust.

For ABC, Gibson's Con Artist Productions is developing "Flory," based on the true-life love story of a Dutch Jew named Flory Van Beek and her non-Jewish boyfriend who sheltered her from the Nazis.

Gibson's involvement in the project has already raised some eyebrows because critics claimed "Passion" contained anti-Semitic elements, a charge Gibson has denied. Gibson's father also is on the record denying that the Holocaust took place.

"For him to be associated with this movie is cause for concern," said Rafael Medoff, director of the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies in Melrose Park, Pa., and the author of an annual study of Holocaust denial.

"He needs to come clean that he repudiates Holocaust denial, and that he understands the Holocaust was not just another atrocity that occurred in World War II along with other atrocities."

Dude, listen, I totally understand the "Holocaust". I am all about the "Holocaust". I am Mr. Holocaust man.

Quinn Taylor, ABC's senior vice president in charge of television movies, acknowledged that controversy surrounding Gibson could help publicize the project. But he had a harsh reply for early critics.

"I would tell them to shut up and wait to see the movie, and then judge," said Taylor, who oversaw ABC's Emmy-winning miniseries "Anne Frank." "I'm not about to rewrite history. I'm going to explore an amazing love story that we can all learn from and, hopefully, be inspired by."

Quinn's got it right. Just shut up, you FUCKING judeo secularists! The miniseries is gonna be great. I feel in light of my experience as a director and creative abilities, I can bring a unique perspective to coverage of the "Holocaust". As soon as ABC calls me back. Cause I'm not sure if this whole Apocalypto deal is going to pan out. Disney is saying that they want to discuss some "issues" regarding its release.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mel Gibson is nothing short of Aussie Scum! He is trash and his movies are bullshit!

9:08 AM  
Anonymous Sunny said...

"In vino veritas, Mr. Gibson."

Richard Levick's Take

6:35 PM  

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