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Friday, January 13, 2006

Postulatium de Canuckistan

I mentioned recently that I'm popular in Canada. Well, my popularity continues to soar, as attested to by the volume of correspondence in the mel box. This one came in response to my recent criticism of Pat Robertson.

Hey "Mel"!
Yes, Pat Robertson does this all the time. He is obsolete, in that, his first response to most things is of God and extremely Biblical, but then he always retracts it out of pressure. It makes him look like a fool. I remember the year that the hurricane was about to hit his area in W. Virginia and he had all the people praying for protection and yet, God was saying that He was basically striking the U.S. because of their sin.

You are right. I remember God saying that!

I could not figure out why Pat didn't know this. It's the Moses syndrome, I call it, where the person close to God chooses to align themselves with the people and try to protect them from God's wrath (rath) and yet, a true spokesman for God will stand by God's movements - judgment, etc. Pat speaks, without authority, wisdom or strength of character. Let him go.

Painful to admit, but perhaps you are right.

I don't know if God will strike him or simply use his cowardice to turn the people of the U.S. against Christians. That leads me to your next point - Canada. Yes, they are asking for punishment and they did receive quite a bit with the fires after their decision to allow gay marriage; however, think about this - they do not claim to be a Christian nation so the U.S. will actually be judged before them. The House of God will always be judged before the non-Christians. Hence, Canada is actually a good place for true Christians to hang out when the U.S. gets hit over the next 7 years.

But then again, Canada is too small for Mel - I've heard from higher up, but I tell you the Truth, you will soon tire of the U.S. and the destruction of the children and look for a safe place for your family so that you can counter the cultural attack against young people safely[...]

Seriously? I told God to keep that one a secret. Damn!


Amici, "Homer."


Blogger okielady said...

I am a lil confused and this could show how silly I am ...but what is
the donation box for? an american in euorope?....can you explain that to me? english, just plain ole english...!!!
okie lady

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn! I so loved playing the game! I don't know what was more fun, Mel's Musings, or the responses! The "real" Mel has long been known for his penchant for practical jokes, but he is better known for being one hell of a business man. So riddle me this, idiots: why would Mel -- who appreciates the validity of those wonderful tax write-offs -- use a free Bloq site and a free e-mail address (haven't you bothered to check out his ICON web site -- not as grand as MGM's, but still impressive) when he could have benefited from some major write-offs. Including his hourly rate as writer, creator, editor & designer.

Fundamentalists would be well served to remember that the Bible as presented in modern times is a collection of documents begun by JEWISH scribes as a written history of the JEWISH people; and the finished product is a cannibalized version of what existed as "holy scripture" before the Pope and his minions decided what should be included, and what should not. Get a grip, people. If the Bible as touted by so-called Christians is to be believed, than take a lead from the Man Himself and follow His commandment: Love One Another.

He was speaking of unconditional love without hatred, without prejudice, and without judgement. Give it a try.

10:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I´ve found this site today and I´m shocked about it. I don´t believe that this is the real Mel Gibson. He is making a film in the middle of the jungle!!! He is the director of it!! So, do you really think that he has got the time for writing all the stuff (the self written poetry, ha,ha, ha) and put all the articles and photos in it, too? Okay, I´m not a director, but if was, I would have other things in my mind, than to talk with the whole world about something what is not my film, in my 15 minutes break where I only want to have a coffee!!!!
Do you really believe, that a celebrity like him would say something e.g. against the gay people, without knowing that every press could kill his image with it?
Everybody knows, that he is a person who don´t like to share his privacy with his fans. He is not Britney Spears!! So, why should he share his opinions with us?
Why should he read Cicero on his birthday? It was his 50th anniversary and he has got a huge family to celibrate with, hasn´t he?
The same thing is it with the donation box. As okielady said: An american in europe? And what is it with the words "not for Mel" in the box? Don´t you think that Mel wouldn´t give us some good informations, like "donation for the hungry children in Africa" or what ever?
And then the photo! there are lots of better photos in the net or in his private photo album, he could choose, even with a beard, I believe, than to take one where he is cleaning his eye.
At last but not least why should he give us his personal email adress, with the nice words "but don´t make it commend" when you consider that he is one of the people who is most be searched at google? I don´t think that he likes to get thousands of emails a day from fucking fans! Most of them wouldn´t talk about religion and politics!
I like Mel Gibson very much, and I pray to god, that this site won´t do him any harm! Hopefully he´ll find it and does something against it.

12:05 PM  
Blogger tomax7 said...

Hey Anon, Mel's using the latest state of the art satellite connections to do this blog from the jungles.

Solar energy panels, with treadmill backup, for power.

He has to communicate with three different satellites, so hence there is a time lag between responses as he has to realign with the passing satellites.

Also, he has to align with the North Star, but now that they found two North Stars (see NASA) it is a bit more complicated.

11:04 AM  

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