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Sunday, January 15, 2006


From Homer Schidt (

Hey "Mel"
You called......and on that day in January
I spoke a word to those who would be exemplary
I spoke of products of woe
I spoke of their burdens to tow
This will not be easy, Mr. "Mel"
for you have created quite a smell
I've had to send for the best
to relieve you, for you see, you passed the test
What test, you ask?
Why, of course, the test of a pest
But don't be alarmed at the punishment to come
You earned it well as you fell up from hell
There is more to come
but I will not print the outcome
I wish you the best
You called My Name and yet, why won't you answer my request
I ask you to stop
before you become a BIG BLOT
No kidding - could this be God
or an imposter from Zod
Don't wait to find out
Quit, get out of town and don't pout
You had your fun
Don't make me get My gun
I love you, you fool
You act like a ghoul
But I knew you before birth
I knew all that you'd do - all this evil mirth
So, give the world a break
Go back to where you belong
I'll forgive you this once
but don't try My Patience
See ya soon
Judgment day and it won't be a boon
You've had your joke
Now go out for a smoke
This rhyme won't change your mind
but then again, there isn't time
For your mind is so big - immense and surreal
It would take time and a half to get through with a drill
So long from the Top
I hope you won't break when you drop
You had so much potential
but now, you'll simply be a stench hill
Call Me again when you're ready for LIfe
I have a great Plan, but it involves a big Knife
I will cut out your evil
and make you see Me well
We won't end there
Oh no, there is much more to share
but you'll come in you're own sweet time
the Holy Mountain, you must climb
No more for now
They're coming........but how?
Open the door and you will see
All that you did that made you un-free
Goodbye and so long
I would sing you a song
Blues, I would sing
but there's no time.....wait, I here a ring..
They're coming, my friend
Don't twist and don't bend
Only I can help you mend



Blogger tomax7 said...


2:28 PM  
Anonymous LatinMassLover said...

To the fake "Jesus:"


1. Jesus spoke Aramaic--not bad rapper English.

2. Jesus would have mad rap skills and would have done a much better job.

Stop pretending!

3:26 PM  

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