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"With anti-Christian sentiment on the rise in North America and abroad, the launch of this new bog [sic] couldn’t have been timelier...If you’re a discouraged Christian worried about the future, a visit to is like an elixir and sends you on your way with newfound hope."
Judi McLeod, Owner, Canada Free Press

"[The site] is filled with anti-Semitic comments and other outrageous statements, much of them in Latin."
Left-wing rag

"[I]t made me snarf my cran juice all over the screen."
Antonia Zerbisias, Media Critic, The Toronto Star

"Catch it while you can..." Newsweek

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Sunday, August 20, 2006


Wow, this rehab is really keeping me busy. Does anyone else have an inner judeo-secularist? I know that Jesus' General has an inner-Frenchman that at times gets the best of him and writes on his blog. I am not so licentious as to allow my inner judeo-secularist to interfere with the wisdom of this blog, but I have not been able to prevent him from starting his own blog, I am embarrassed to say.

Would you guys do me a favor and pay him a visit and warn him of the abject sinfulness of his ways? And please don't tell anyone about my inner judeo-secularist, I am quite ashamed.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Abyssus abyssum invocat

A sign of the times? A harbinger of the end? Collective punishment of the people of New England for Lamont's victory?

— Residents are wondering if an animal found dead over the weekend may be the mysterious creature that has mauled dogs, frightened residents and been the subject of local legend for half a generation.

The animal was found near power lines along Route 4 on Saturday, apparently struck by a car while chasing a cat.

The carcass was photographed and inspected by several people who live in the area, but nobody is sure exactly what it is.

Michelle O'Donnell of Turner spotted the animal near her yard about a week before it was killed. She called it a "hybrid mutant of something."

"It was evil, evil looking. And it had a horrible stench I will never forget," she told the Sun Journal of Lewiston. "We locked eyes for a few seconds and then it took off. I've lived in Maine my whole life and I've never seen anything like it."

Well, based on Ms. O'Donnell's description alone I'd say we were talking about some New England hippy. But apparently there is photographic evidence in this case, which brings me to my next question:

Exactly what kind of animal IS THIS,

Helen Wheels? If I reload your webpage enough times, will he be the LA Animal society pet of the day? No doubt.

I'm changing my locks!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


apocalypsis Iesu Christi quam dedit illi Deus palam facere servis suis quae oportet fieri cito et significavit mittens per angelum suum servo suo Iohanni
qui testimonium perhibuit verbo Dei et testimonium Iesu Christi quaecumque vidit
beatus qui legit et qui audiunt verba prophetiae et servant ea quae in ea scripta sunt tempus enim prope est
Iohannes septem ecclesiis quae sunt in Asia gratia vobis et pax ab eo qui est et qui erat et qui venturus est et a septem spiritibus qui in conspectu throni eius sunt
et ab Iesu Christo qui est testis fidelis primogenitus mortuorum et princeps regum terrae qui dilexit nos et lavit nos a peccatis nostris in sanguine suo
et fecit nostrum regnum sacerdotes Deo et Patri suo ipsi gloria et imperium in saecula saeculorum amen
ecce venit cum nubibus et videbit eum omnis oculus et qui eum pupugerunt et plangent se super eum omnes tribus terrae etiam amen
ego sum Alpha et Omega principium et finis dicit Dominus Deus qui est et qui erat et qui venturus est Omnipotens
ego Iohannes frater vester et particeps in tribulatione et regno et patientia in Iesu fui in insula quae appellatur Patmos propter verbum Dei et testimonium Iesu
fui in spiritu in dominica die et audivi post me vocem magnam tamquam tubae
dicentis quod vides scribe in libro et mitte septem ecclesiis Ephesum et Zmyrnam et Pergamum et Thyatiram et Sardis et Philadelphiam et Laodiciam
et conversus sum ut viderem vocem quae loquebatur mecum et conversus vidi septem candelabra aurea
et in medio septem candelabrorum similem Filio hominis vestitum podere et praecinctum ad mamillas zonam auream
caput autem eius et capilli erant candidi tamquam lana alba tamquam nix et oculi eius velut flamma ignis
et pedes eius similes orichalco sicut in camino ardenti et vox illius tamquam vox aquarum multarum
et habebat in dextera sua stellas septem et de ore eius gladius utraque parte acutus exiebat et facies eius sicut sol lucet in virtute sua
et cum vidissem eum cecidi ad pedes eius tamquam mortuus et posuit dexteram suam super me dicens noli timere ego sum primus et novissimus
et vivus et fui mortuus et ecce sum vivens in saecula saeculorum et habeo claves mortis et inferni
scribe ergo quae vidisti et quae sunt et quae oportet fieri post haec
sacramentum septem stellarum quas vidisti in dextera mea et septem candelabra aurea septem stellae angeli sunt septem ecclesiarum et candelabra septem septem ecclesiae sunt

Sunday, August 13, 2006


(Photo courtesy Liebermania)

Cal Thomas is an extremely perceptive and patriotic analyst of the political trends in our country, and as usual, he has hit the nail right on the head with respect to the Lamont insurgents:

The narrow primary defeat of veteran senator Joe Lieberman in Connecticut's Democratic primary is more than a loss for one man. It is a loss for his party and for the country. It completes the capture of the Democratic Party by its Taliban wing.

They used to be "San Francisco Democrats," a phrase coined by former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Jeane Kirkpatrick to describe the party's 1984 convention. But they have now morphed into Taliban Democrats because they are willing to "kill" one of their own, if he does not conform to the narrow and rigid agenda of the party's kook fringe.

One thing I admire about Joe Lieberman is that he realizes that any minute a swarm of Lamont suppporters could jump him and rip his body apart limb from limb, or perhaps even perpetrate an impromptu televised beheading, and yet it is a risk he is willing to take to fight for what he believes in.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


WASHINGTON - Republicans determined to win in November are up against a troublesome trend - growing opposition to President Bush.

An Associated Press-Ipsos poll conducted this week found the president's approval rating has dropped to 33 percent, matching his low in May. His handling of nearly every issue, from the Iraq war to foreign policy, contributed to the president's decline around the nation, even in the Republican-friendly South.

More sobering for the GOP are the number of voters who backed Bush in 2004 who are ready to vote Democratic in the fall's congressional elections - 19 percent.

Who are these traitorous crazies who have abandoned our leader in a time of great danger for our nation, a time when our nation's enemies (the Democrats) are about to take control?

These one-time Bush voters are more likely to be female, self-described moderates, low- to middle-income and from the Northeast and Midwest.

They sound like a bunch of wackos to me. Go back to San Francisco and drink some more Lattes!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Thank you, Jimmy!

Focus on the Family ministry founder James Dobson spoke in support Thursday of Mel Gibson and his film, "The Passion of the Christ," saying Gibson's drunken tirade during a traffic stop had nothing to do with "one of the finest films of this era."

Gibson, 50, was arrested for drunken driving Aug. 1 in Malibu, Calif., and launched an anti-Semitic rant toward the arresting deputy. Gibson reportedly said, "The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world," and asked him, "Are you a Jew?"

Dobson said in a statement that "we certainly do not condone that racially insensitive outburst," but added "Mel has apologized profusely for the incident and there the matter should rest."

Damn straight. I made one of the finest films of this era of the end times. Did I ask the police officer who busted me if he was a Jew? Yeah. But, in my defense, I apologized. And more importantly, he was actually a Jew. Christ! If only there were more wise men like Jimmy Dobson in this country, it would certainly be a better place .

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Democratus finitum es. Islamofascist thesaurus mos lucror per Lamont.

Illic est a vir quisnam volo perdo in MESOPOTAMIUM. Ned Lamont est periculosus pro Democratus est mos succurro concutio sit amo 1968 per "HIPPIES" quondam iterum. Democratus es defeatists tantum Joe Lieberman succurro Democrats lucror tamencertus ut Joe Lieberman eram non RABIDUS satis. Iam nos mos desumo in quod Democratus ire perdo iustus amo usquequaque operor quod Res publica ire ut lucror quoniam OSAMA bin LADEN est a valde nocens vir!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Let us pray for Joe

He looks like he really needs it:


SALVE LIEBERMAN, Pater misericordiae. Vito, dulcedo, et spes nostro, salve. Ad te clamamus exsules filii Hevae. Ad te Suspiramus, gementes et flentes in hac lacrimarum valle. Eia ergo, Advocato nostro, illos tuos misericordes oculos ad nos converte. Et Iesum, benedictum fructum ventris tui, nobis post hoc exsilium ostende. O clemens, o pia, o dulcis Virgo Maria.

V. Ora pro nobis, Sancto Deux Genitro.
R. Ut digni efficiamur promissionibus Lieberman.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Bonus notitia ex Texas

Good news from Texas! He may not be a member of the True Church, but Tom DeLay is certainly a good man, and God (through the hand of Antonin Scalia) has decided that he wants him to remain in Congress(I was going to write him an email at his Congressional address, but I noticed his website is currently not working). Tom DeLay is the embodiment of the moral values of today's Republicans, and having him on the ballot as a constant reminder of Republican values is just great for America! The hammer drives another nail in the Democrats' coffin!

Est non ut vicis iterum, oro in verus lingua divina?

Maecenas atavis edite regibus,
o et praesidium et dulce decus meum:
sunt quos curriculo pulverem Olympicum
collegisse iuvat metaque fervidis
evitata rotis palmaque nobilis
terrarum dominos evehit ad deos
hunc, si mobilium turba Quiritium
certat tergeminis tollere honoribus,
illum, si proprio condidit horreo
quidquid de Libycis verritur areis.
gaudentem patrios findere sarculo
agros Attalicis condicionibus
numquam demoveas, ut trabe Cypria
Myrtoum pavidus nauta secet mare.
luctantem Icariis fluctibus Africum
mercator metuens otium et oppidi
laudat rura sui; mox reficit rates
quassas indocilis pauperiem pati.
est qui nec veteris pocula Massici
nec partem solido demere de die
spernit, nunc viridi membra sub arbuto
stratus, nunc ad aquae lene caput sacrae.
multos castra iuvant et lituo tubae
permixtus sonitus bellaque matribus
detestata. manet sub Iove frigido
venator tenerae coniugis inmemor,
seu visa est catulis cerva fidelibus
seu rupit teretes Marsus aper plagas.
me doctarum hederae praemia frontium
dis miscent superis, me gelidum nemus
Nympharumque leves cum Satyris chori
secernunt populo, si neque tibias
Euterpe cohibet nec Polyhymnia
Lesboum refugit tendere barbiton.
quodsi me lyricis vatibus inseres,
sublimi feriam sidera vertice.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

God Warns Connecticut

There's more of this to come if Lamont wins the Democratic primary on Tuesday.

From the frying pan into the fire.

The scorching heat of the early afternoon yesterday in the Connecticut River Valley, with temperatures reaching 100 degrees in places, gave way to a line of violent thunderstorms that tore up Hampshire and Hampden counties around 5 p.m., ripping up trees and knocking out power.

If Lamont wins, the temparature in the Connecticut River is going to reach 100 degrees celsius.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Desumo Lieberman Pro Senatus!

So, there is a big Senate race in Connecticut. And a lot of you have been asking me who to vote for. Well, I know that Joe Lieberman and I were in complete agreement on Terry Schiavo, so go vote for Joe!

Gratis Bill

Geraldo was not ready to forgive Gibson and shared an experience he had in Israel earlier with a memner of Hamas responsible for a terror attack on Israel which disrupted peace progress there at a crucial time. The man said the same thing that Gibson said. "Are you a Jew? Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world." Geraldo claimed that had he been the cop arresting Gibson, he would have hit him adding that everyone should make up their own minds about seeing Gibson's movies.

O'Reilly, making sure to say there is no excuse for Gibson's behavior, started to get agitated claiming there is a point when they " enjoy the suffering of the rich and powerful. They have blood all over their mouths, these vampires!" He ranted for a few more seconds saying in a satisfied but almost childish way, "Anybody celebrating your suffering is a bad person!"

For looking out for the little guy!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Opus hodiernus, mortalitas II

Pat Robertson seems to have bought in to that PC "Global warming" crap.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Conservative Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson said on Thursday the wave of scorching temperatures across the United States has converted him into a believer in global warming.

Pat that guy a wacko or what?

Gratis Hollywood et Jodie

Thanks to Jewish Hollywood for accepting my two "apologies". And Jodie Foster who vouched for my lack of anti-semitism after my anti-semitic tyrade rant, to you I say: "Thanks, sugartits." And I mean it from the heart.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My new favorite song

Fucking ABC

The ABC television network announced late yesterday that it had scrapped plans for the Braveheart star to produce a mini-series on the Holocaust. It was the second apology Gibson has issued through his publicist since his arrest early Friday.

The fucking television networks. The television networks are responsible for all the commercials in the world! I am going to fuck ABC!